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Cellular Healing

Customized Cellular Healing

Through our program, we apply epigenetics to turn off bad genes, we then restore those cells to health again through replication, and use ancient healing techniques to tap into your own body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. Healthy cells are essential as they are permeable and must allow hormones, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals back into your cells.  Healthy cells also function to flush toxins out. By removing the interference identified through our unique testing, we are able to give the body precisely what it needs through testing, not guessing.

Our customized Cellular Healing Program is designed to empower you to achieve true lifelong health. You will have complete access to Dr. Kari Young, D.PSc. through monthly one-on-one consultations, either in-person or virtually.

Get started with your one-on-one cellular healing program today – you are worth it! Live the life you deserve. Dig deep, find your “Why”, and take action!

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Our practice utilizes scientific research, which confirms that cellular inflammation is the underlying cause of all health issues. We provide natural solutions to address the true cause of symptoms, conditions and diseases, including the new millennium diseases showing up in today’s world.

Cellular Healing and Detox

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Our True Cellular Detox Program is safe and scientifically proven to be effective. Many detox programs and products sold today only remove a few toxins from the downstream pathways, like the liver, kidney, gut, or lymph. True Cellular Detox removes toxins from the downstream AND upstream pathways, including the brain.

Your Physical Body

Your Control Tower

Your Control Tower

An essential part of wellness is the health of our physical body. Yes, fitness plays an important role, but chiropractic care is essential to ensure optimal health. Chiropractic care removes “nerve interference”, and our nervous system controls every part of our body. Correct curves of our spine is directly related to our longevity and optimal health.

Your Emotional Self

Your mind and heart matter

Your mind and heart matter

Most of us live our lives with hidden emotional blocks, that go unaddressed. Emotions and stress are directly linked to many diseases, including cancer. Trapped emotions get stored in the body which 98% of time is the cause of pain and blocks us from getting well. Learn how emotional interference’s can block your body from reaching full health!

Our Mission, Belief, and Promise to You

Our Mission
The Mission of Young Health Solutions is to empower people with the truth about health so that they may enable their own bodies to heal themselves. We exist to help as many people as possible around the world to achieve longer and healthier lives, for many generations, through natural solutions.

Our Belief
We Believe that the human body is a perfect creation, capable of healing itself at the cellular level. We believe that everyone chooses health once they possess the knowledge to take care of their own body. We believe that our health is not predetermined by our family’s medical history, and that that genes can be turned on or off through the proper removal of interferences in the body.

Our Promise
Our Promise is to treat our clients as our family, to be compassionate, and to achieve results based on the unique goals of each client. We understand that there are infinite roads to wellness, and we would like to be the last stop that people make to achieve their health goals.

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  • True Cellular Detox

  • Functional Protocols

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