Hormone Imbalances

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Hormone Imbalances

It is common for medical doctors to prescribe more hormones when an imbalance is diagnosed; however, this may actually cause your body more harm than good!  It may be hard to believe, but some of those hormones may actually transform into toxic hormones.  Even if they are bio-identical, it is essential to do the 24-hour hormone test, the same one Suzanne Somers did that saved her life!

At Young Health Solutions, we use the 24-hour hormone test in order to determine your hormone levels, and to see whether you are using hormone therapy (synthetic or bioidentical) safely and effectively. Hormones are a very complicated topic, and the less  “messing around” we do, the better.

Another aspect of proper hormone balance is ensuring that cellular inflammation does not exist in the body.  If your cells are inflamed, all the hormones in the world will not solve the problem, because your cells are not prepared to receive them. Imagine pulling up to the gas station because your car was out of gas.  Instead of pouring the gas into the gas tank, you just pour gas all over the top of your car.  Well, of course your car is not going to run.  If you imagine that the gas are the hormones, and the car is the cells, it’s the same concept.  If your cells are inflamed, the hormones will not be able to penetrate into them.

And, if the hormones are turning toxic, then it is possible to “feel great” as your body is producing cells that cause diseases, including cancer. Having more hormones in your system may actually make you feel better, even when they are silently making you sicker.

Our approach is different.  We perform hormone testing to determine the cause of your hormone dysregulation and create a customized approach to correct this safely and effectively.