Weight Loss Resistance

//Weight Loss Resistance
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Weight Loss Resistance

Do you suffer from weight loss resistance? Despite diet and exercise you can still not lose weight? For some people, this has been a way of life for their entire lives, while for others the weight simply started to add up. We wonder what changed? What happened?

Our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day. This creates cellular inflammation, which literally blocks your hormones from permeating into the cell where they are needed for weight loss and weight maintenance. If you have tried diets and exercise, and still cannot lose weight, it’s not your fault! Diet and exercise are not enough anymore, and we can help you find a permanent, healthy solution.

Talk to us about how we can help you find your solution. We help clients through customized protocols, detoxification at the cellular level, and educational coaching on cellular healing foods. So much of what we learn about “healthy foods”, calorie counting, and the food pyramid is simply a myth.

We have been able to help clients lose over one hundred pounds and to keep it off for good. Learn how you and your family can live a lifelong healthy lifestyle, and forget all of those fad diets!

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If you think you may be weight loss resistant, stop feeling frustrated and contact Dr. Young for a consultation today.