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How it Works

What if I told you that an autoimmune disease isn’t a life sentence to suffering through symptoms or prescription medication side effects? There is a better way—by healing at the cellular level. I would love to tell you more about it.

Initial Free Consult

During this phone consultation, I (Dr. Kari Young) will take time to listen to your health challenges and help you determine if your body can heal itself using natural solutions.

Deep Dive into Your
Health History

If it is a good fit, we will meet virtually for 90 minutes to discuss your health history and complete an in-depth questionnaire in advance. Clients have described this as the Detective Phase, and commonly learn the cause of their symptoms and disease!

Get Personalized
Healing Protocol

I will recommend a customized health program based on our deep dive into your health and goals. If you are committed to making lifestyle changes and are open to learning, we will get you started reclaiming your life!

Yes! I’m ready to Get Started!

Thank you so much for being a big part of my success! You helped me to get my strength back and I know that every day my body gets healthier. Thank you for being an amazing doctor and great friend!

Irina K.

I started her program, and WOW! It has been five weeks now, and I have more energy, my hot flashes have greatly reduced, I can work more hours in a day, and my mental clarity is fabulous. The chronic aching I felt in my body disappeared. Dr. Young is someone who truly cares. I recommend Dr. Young and her cellular healing program. It works!

Pamela P.

After doing the cellular healing program, I no longer have the brain fog that would leave me going aimlessly through each day! I feel the best I have felt in years. And finally getting a good restful sleep again after suffering with insomnia for so long. It’s amazing how you feel and how much more I can do each day! Dr Young really works with you to find the cause and create the natural solution. Thank you so much!

Annie M.

Meet Dr. Kari Young

Dr. Kari Young has dedicated her life to her passion: helping people get their life back and to achieve true health. She is one of the few Cellular Healing Specialist (Epigenetics) in the U.S., who focuses on finding the true cause of symptoms, conditions, and diseases. She helps clients to remove interferences at the cellular level, so that their own body can heal itself. She utilizes unique lab testing in order to scientifically determine the cause, and uses this data to develop individualized natural solutions for each case.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, from Long Beach State University, she went on to Southern California University of Health Sciences to earn her Doctor of Chiropractic. As a lifelong learner, she became certified in Functional Medicine, and now holds a Cellular Healing Specialist designation. Dr. Young continues to study and research to keep up with the latest scientific research, of which she applies to help her clients.

I’m Ready to take charge of my health

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