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Does Dr. Young only work with Autoimmune Disorders?

No. Although many common common health challenges link to autoimmune disorders, Dr. Young helps clients with a variety of health challenges who are looking for natural solutions.

Below are some of the common conditions that Dr. Young has helped:

  • Hashimoto’s / Graves Disease
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Crohn’s / Colitis / Celiac / IBS / IBD
  • Cushing’s / Addison’s
  • Lupus
  • Type 1 Diabetes’
  • Eczema dns Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo


What are common Autoimmune Disease Symptoms?

  • Brain Fog
  • Attention Deficit
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Feeling “wired and tired”
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Weight Gain or Loss
  • Bloated Stomach
  • Muscle Stiffness or Pain
  • Inflammation of the Joints


What if I don’t have a diagnosis, but suffer from various symptoms?

It is all too common for people to live with an array of symptoms, while never receiving a medical diagnosis, and told that their labs are “normal”. Some people are even told that their symptoms are phantom, and in their heads.

If you are truly healthy, you should not suffer from any symptoms. Dr. Young can help you identify the cause of your condition.


I live out of the area, can Dr. Young still help me?

Yes. Dr. Young works with clients in 4 countries, and across the U.S., virtually.


How does Dr. Young help get clients back to health?

Each client is unique, and Dr. Young customizes your health blueprint based on your current level of health, knowledge and goals.

Dr. Young will design customized protocols for you, which will include a combination of supplements, herbs, homeopathic, home detoxing, mindset work, food and more.

During this coaching period, you will have monthly appointments with Dr. Young in order to update your protocols and health blueprint. You will also have direct access to Dr. Young via email and phone throughout your program. All appointments will be with the doctor directly.


Does Dr. Young use medications or prescription drugs to help clients?

No. Dr. Young creates natural health solutions for her clients, and often people are able to reduce or eliminate their prescription drug use.


Does Dr. Young use or recommend advanced lab tests?

Dr. Young can recommend and order advanced lab tests, based on the needs of the client. Although functional medicine practitioners are known to recommend many lab tests, we prefer to recommend testing only when essential.


What would make me a good fit to work with Dr. Young?

Dr. Young works with clients who are ready to change their lives now. In order to be accepted into one of Dr. Young’s programs, clients must score at least an 9 or 10 in EACH of the following:

You value your health and have a strong “why”. This means that you know what you are missing now and can envision yourself with a significantly better quality of life. For some, this means spending quality time with family, traveling, achieving financial goals through more energy and productivity.

You are committed to doing anything necessary to be healthy. This means that you are ready and willing to make lifestyle changes, including nutrition, following protocols, and fasting.

You are open and coachable. This means you are open to unlearning, learning, and continuous improvement.